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This is my Frontend Project View Page.
I might just add some links and things here…


Kit Production

Lifecycle of kit production


Completed Tasks


Active Tasks



Galleon 3D Kit
Lightning P38 3D Kit
Leopard 3D Kit - Convert a D-Torso Leopard Kit into a Cutters Den Kit
Fairy Set
Stephensons Rocket Premium
Dambuster 3D Kit
Lovers Bench
Garden Chair - Finalize Kit - Needs Instructions, etc
Frabjous Lampshade Kit - Finalize Kit - Add Instructions, etc
Fretwork Mantel Clock Kit - Finalise Kit. Instructions, etc
Fretwork Serving Tray Kit - Finalise Kit - Instrictions, etc
Flowery Bowl Kit - Too Delicate As Is - Rework

And is this ?