Laser Cut Embellishments

A huge collection of laser cut craft shapes. These are available in a range of sizes from as small as 25mm square to 600mm square. Thicknesses range from 1mm to 6mm, and can be cut from various materials such as MDF, laserable plywoods or acrylics.

Use these items to embellish your craft project, or as stand-alone objects that have been beautified with your own personal creative touch.

As Embellishments:
Smaller versions of these shapes can be painted and glued to your larger projects.

A picture frame, for example, could be embellished with small cut outs that define the personality or likes of the person the frame is intended for. A selection of cats, horses, military vehicles, etc would make for a very personal arrangement.

As a Stand-Alone Project
Select a large 6mm shape which will be used as the focus for your project. This can then have any number of craft techniques applied to it, painting, mosaics, applique, acrylic pen art, embossing (among a host of other techniques). Even add a selection of smaller shapes to embellish the project.

For example, a ships anchor could be encrusted with sea-shells. Add other sea-creatures and a ships wheel to complete the nautical themed project.

Just the thing
We have over 1200 embellishments, and the list keeps growing. Spend a little time looking for just the right thing to add to your project theme. Our powerful search facility should help you to get to just the item you want. If we don’t have exactly what you are looking for – call us. We have an even larger selection not yet added to our online store.