American Typewriter Laser Cut Wooden Font (Laserply)

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About Our Kits

Our laser cut products are manufactured from various woods and laser safe plastics at varying thicknesses.
We manufacture all our own products, and we can therefore offer you customised options.

Pre-assembled kits and spare parts are available.

Your joy and pleasure in the assembly of our kits is our paramount imperative.
Every kit is tried and tested to ensure hassle free assembly.
Our instructions are designed to take you through every step, giving you the pleasure of having to build it right.

Because we manufacture all our products personally we have taken great care and great pains to ensure that each product is easy to use, build and assemble.

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3mm, 6mm





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This plywood is specially formulated for laser cutting to reduce the amount of burning. The glue that holds the ply panels together does not burn black and sooty as would occur with regular plywood. We use a very light Poplar wood for 3mm and up, making plywood our cheapest option for cutting.
For less than 3mm, a stronger ply is used to increase strength and integrity of the kits, but at this size the cost is a little higher.

Sizing Guide

The sizes used for fonts indicate the maximum measurement for height of the overall font. In general, the tallest letter in the font set will match this height, and all other letters will be relatively sized across the font. The width of the letters are arbitrary, and can often be wider than the height.
This allows for multiple letters to be selected that form words or sentences, where their height would be correct in relation to each other – as you might read the letters in a document.


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