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  • Description


    This kit contains enough walls and obstacles for a full game.

    The kit contains:

    • 9x one-hex walls
    • 6x two-hex walls
    • 1x three-hex wall
    • 1x four-hex wall
    • 5x waist-high obstacles (which are one hex each).

    Paper adverts are needed to be wrapped around each wall.
    Download the wrap-around template (MS Word document)

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Dimensions 300 × 300 × 10 mm






  • Material


    This plywood is specially formulated for laser cutting to reduce the amount of burning. The glue that holds the ply panels together does not burn black and sooty as would occur with regular plywood. We use a very light Poplar wood for 3mm and up, making plywood our cheapest option for cutting.
    For less than 3mm, a stronger ply is used to increase strength and integrity of the kits, but at this size the cost is a little higher.

  • Supporting Documentation

    Supporting Documentation

    Our kit instructions have been developed to specifically ensure the assembly process is smooth and understandable. Typically the instructions start off with one or more pages displaying the kit layout. Complex kits will have the parts numbered for clarity.

    Each assembly step displays the part, its number, orientation, and slot or position in which it needs to be in to be assembled. We will occasionally provide a visual representation of the completed step. Where multiple parts are very similar (such as a dinosaurs rib cage or back bones), the instructions clearly identify each individual piece, and it’s installation position.

    Each step, followed in sequence, will ensure the assembly completes in the correct order. You will be guided through the assembly process, whilst avoiding assembling parts by mistake or out of sequence.
    You will not be left to second guess when or how a part should fit.

    You can view a sample kit instruction here:
    Sample Kit Instruction

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