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This ornament requires a clock insert which is available separately.
In addition, fonts and a pen flute can be used for further personalisation options

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  • Additional information

    Additional information

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    Kit, Fully Assembled







    Clock Size

  • Finishing Options

    Finishing Options

    This product is sold as a kit.
    It will require sanding, finishing with varnish or oil and finally assembly.
    However, we offer a finishing service on this product if you would like to buy it complete. Simply select the options for your preference, and we will do the rest.

    Hardwood Group 1 refers to the base wood type.
    Hardwood Group 2 refers to the wood type used for the first display subject part
    Hardwood Group 3 refers to the wood type used for the second display subject part

    Please refer to the hardwood chart in this products image gallery for details

  • Format Options

    Format Options

    Product is sold in “Kit” form
    Assembly will be required

    Fully Assembled:
    You will receive the item fully assembled
    Assembly will cost an additional fee

  • Material


    These hardwood panels are not larger then 150mm in one dimension. Therefore used for smaller sized items. We make use of the following hardwoods: Walnut, Obeche, Mahogany and Pine.
    Smaller panels at 100mm are American White Oak, Basswood

  • Clock Size

    Clock Size

    This product uses a clock that fits a 34mm hole.
    Typically, the bezel would be 37mm, but this can differ.
    The following clock inserts are available from our store:

  • Personalisation


    This item is perfect for that special touch.
    The base would be a great place to put a name, or special note.

    Select a small font for names or other words to place on the base.
    20mm or 25mm should be suitable.
    A font thickness that matches the kit thickness will produce the best visual results, but any available thickness will be fine.

    When you assemble the product, you would then stain (if appropriate) the letters you have selected, and affix them to the product to add that personal touch.

  • Accessories


    This desktop stand would be perfect as a pen stand.
    An additional pen funnel can be selected, and would require an additional installation activity.

    This may simply be cementing the pen funnel on with a suitable glue,
    or drilling a hole through the base to fix the funnel in place with a screw.

  • Supporting Documentation

    Supporting Documentation

    Our kit instructions have been developed to specifically ensure the assembly process is smooth and understandable. Typically the instructions start off with one or more pages displaying the kit layout. Complex kits will have the parts numbered for clarity.

    Each assembly step displays the part, its number, orientation, and slot or position in which it needs to be in to be assembled. We will occasionally provide a visual representation of the completed step. Where multiple parts are very similar (such as a dinosaurs rib cage or back bones), the instructions clearly identify each individual piece, and it’s installation position.

    Each step, followed in sequence, will ensure the assembly completes in the correct order. You will be guided through the assembly process, whilst avoiding assembling parts by mistake or out of sequence.
    You will not be left to second guess when or how a part should fit.

    You can view a sample kit instruction here:
    Sample Kit Instruction

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