F15 Jet with Stand Premium Laser Cut Plastic 3D Kit (ADA)

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The Cutters Den F15 Jet with Stand Premium Laser Cut Plastic 3D Kit (ADA)

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The Cutters Den F15 Jet with Stand Premium Laser Cut Plastic 3D Kit (ADA)

This is a plastic construction kit, manufactured in the United Kingdom. Simply press out the pieces and slot together. Easy to follow step by step instruction booklet. Please see the "Supporting Documentation" tab for an instruction booklet sample. Glue may be required

All pieces come pre-laser cut. Recommended for ages 9 and upwards. From Cutters Dens extensive range of Laser Cut construction kits that have proved highly popular with children and adults alike. These are sturdy plastic models made from pre-cut laser-plastic sheets that come ready to assemble. Each model is built by slotting the individual pieces together, following the easy to use assembly booklet included in each kit. Great educational value and as an alternative to TV and computer games.


3D Construction Kits

We hope you enjoy browsing our 3D construction kits. Our kits cover a range on interests such as animal, insects, rail-scale and aircraft (and more).
We offer a range of kits suitable for young children to the experienced kit builder, and everyone in-between

We manufacture all our kits in the United Kingdom to the highest quality. Our kits are designed to allow you to easily press the pieces out of the sheets, and slot together. We have gone to great lengths to produce easy to follow step by step instruction booklets for each kit. Some kits will require glue.

We hope you spend many happy hours building these lovely models.

About Our Kits

Our laser cut products are manufactured from various woods and laser safe plastics at varying thicknesses.
We manufacture all our own products, and we can therefore offer you customised options.

Pre-assembled kits and spare parts are available.

Your joy and pleasure in the assembly of our kits is our paramount imperative.
Every kit is tried and tested to ensure hassle free assembly.
Our instructions are designed to take you through every step, giving you the pleasure of having to build it right.

Because we manufacture all our products personally we have taken great care and great pains to ensure that each product is easy to use, build and assemble.

Kit Sizing Guide

Kit Sizing Guide

Small (S)
Material Thickness: 1.5mm
Scale: Half of Regular

Additional information

Dimensions 300 × 300 × 10 mm
Kit Size

Sizing Guide, Small (1.5mm)


Kit, Fully Assembled





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Product is sold in “Kit” form
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Fully Assembled:
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ADA is a solid, dyed, acrylic based material. With the added advantage of being UV stable it is ideal for functional signage in indoor and outdoor areas, for cutting out letters and for creating 3-dimensional signs. The thinner options are increasingly becoming a popular medium in the production of architectural model making.

Various colours are available
Colour Chart

Supporting Documentation

Our kit instructions have been developed to specifically ensure the assembly process is smooth and understandable. Typically the instructions start off with one or more pages displaying the kit layout. Complex kits will have the parts numbered for clarity.

Each assembly step displays the part, its number, orientation, and slot or position in which it needs to be in to be assembled. We will occasionally provide a visual representation of the completed step. Where multiple parts are very similar (such as a dinosaurs rib cage or back bones), the instructions clearly identify each individual piece, and it’s installation position.

Each step, followed in sequence, will ensure the assembly completes in the correct order. You will be guided through the assembly process, whilst avoiding assembling parts by mistake or out of sequence.
You will not be left to second guess when or how a part should fit.

You can view a sample kit instruction here:
Sample Kit Instruction


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