Holly Medium Laser Cut Wooden Personalised Monogram (Laserply)

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The Cutters Den Holly Medium Laser Cut Wooden Personalised Monogram (Laserply)

Use this beautiful monogram to adorn a family room wall or childs room door.
Small monograms can be used as tags for presents, or large ones for wedding gifts.
They can even be added to your craft project as a special embellishment.

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Monogram Letter *

This is the main letter that usually would be the same as the first letter of the Monogram Text.
Please select the letter of your choice.

A £0.00 B £0.00 C £0.00 D £0.00 E £0.00 F £0.00 G £0.00 H £0.00 I £0.00 J £0.00 K £0.00 L £0.00 M £0.00 N £0.00 O £0.00 P £0.00 Q £0.00 R £0.00 S £0.00 T £0.00 U £0.00 V £0.00 W £0.00 X £0.00 Y £0.00 Z £0.00

Monogram Text Options

Monogram Text (+£2.00):
The monogram text will join the two halves of the monogram letter in one piece.
Leave blank if you require the monogram letter without additional text

Monogram Text Font:
This is the font used for the Monogram Text in the centre of the monogram.
Upper Case Letters from this font will be used.
Please select a font of your choice.

None American Typewriter £0.00 Belshaw £0.00 Victorian £0.00

If there is sufficient space, your selected ornament will be placed on either side of the Monogram Text.
We’ll adjust the text width to accommodate an ornament where possible.

None Chalice £0.00 Circle £0.00 Fleur-de-lis Bulb Horizontal £0.00 Fleur-de-lis Bulb Vertical £0.00 Fleur-de-lis Horizontal £0.00 Fleur-de-lis Vertical £0.00 Heart £0.00 Holly £0.00 Oval £0.00 Teddy Bear £0.00 Tulip Horizontal £0.00 Tulip Vertical £0.00

Banner Options

Banners are optional. There is an additional charge of £2.00 if a banner is selected.

Banner Style:
If you would like a banner with some additional text on it, please select a banner style from the options below

None Banner 1 £0.00 Banner 2 £0.00

Banner Text (+£2.00):
If you have selected a banner, please provide the text you require on the banner.

Banner Position:
Please let us know where you would prefer the banner to be placed.
If you don’t have any particular requirements, we will place it where it looks best.

Finishing Options (Medium)

Stains listed in the selection boxes below are rated from light to dark.


The Cutters Den Holly Medium Laser Cut Wooden Personalised Monogram (Laserply)

This is a wooden personalised monogram, manufactured in the United Kingdom. These letters are available in different sizes and thicknesses.
The letter is cut from laser plywood, and is unfinished. Personalised text, a selection of ornaments, banner shapes and personalised banner-text options are available to provide a wide range of combinations for a completely personalised item just for you.

All monograms come pre-laser cut. Monograms are not pre-painted or pre-varnished (Product images may depict painted or varnished monograms). The finished monogram can be painted or varnished. Recommended for ages 9 and upwards.

Here are just some uses for these monograms:
- Child's name for room or door
- Small tag for present
- Hanging Decoration
- Cloakroom sign
- Meeting room name
- Family or house name wall decoration
- Wedding couples monogram

Please see the product image gallery for more ideas


About Our Kits

Our laser cut products are manufactured from various woods and laser safe plastics at varying thicknesses.
We manufacture all our own products, and we can therefore offer you customised options.

Pre-assembled kits and spare parts are available.

Your joy and pleasure in the assembly of our kits is our paramount imperative.
Every kit is tried and tested to ensure hassle free assembly.
Our instructions are designed to take you through every step, giving you the pleasure of having to build it right.

Because we manufacture all our products personally we have taken great care and great pains to ensure that each product is easy to use, build and assemble.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

3mm, 6mm





Product Type


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Sizing Guide

The sizes used for embellishments indicate the maximum measurement for its width and height.
For example, an embellishment sized at 100mm would be no higher than 100mm and no wider than 100mm.
However, one of it’s dimensions (either width or height) would be 100mm


This plywood is specially formulated for laser cutting to reduce the amount of burning. The glue that holds the ply panels together does not burn black and sooty as would occur with regular plywood. We use a very light Poplar wood for 3mm and up, making plywood our cheapest option for cutting.
For less than 3mm, a stronger ply is used to increase strength and integrity of the kits, but at this size the cost is a little higher.


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