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    Additional information

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    3mm, 6mm





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    This plywood is specially formulated for laser cutting to reduce the amount of burning. The glue that holds the ply panels together does not burn black and sooty as would occur with regular plywood. We use a very light Poplar wood for 3mm and up, making plywood our cheapest option for cutting.
    For less than 3mm, a stronger ply is used to increase strength and integrity of the kits, but at this size the cost is a little higher.

  • Sizing Guide

    Sizing Guide

    The sizes used for embellishments indicate the maximum measurement for its width and height.
    For example, an embellishment sized at 100mm would be no higher than 100mm and no wider than 100mm.
    However, one of it’s dimensions (either width or height) would be 100mm

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